Best Gardening Tools for Beginners | Affordable Price

This Kit Includes : Weeder, Trowel Big, Trowel Small, Cultivator & Fork
A garden fork, spading fork, digging fork, or grip is a gardening implement, with a handle and several other (usually four) short, sturdy tines. It is used for loosening, lifting, and turning over soil in gardening and farming.

The hand-held trowel is a must-have for everyday gardening tasks, together with breaking up clumps of soil, digging minor holes, transplantation of seedlings, and even eliminating weeds. Container-only and large-scale gardeners alike require a trowel for a day-to-day basis. If you splurge on a single piece of entry-level gardening tool, make it this–select one with a sturdy wooden handle and solid metal blade.

A weeder can be used as a device, tool or machine, for removing weeds.

A cultivator is mainly used to mix loose soil. As such, a cultivator is unlikely to work if you are trying to create a fresh garden plot but prongs are not heavy duty enough to loosen hard soil.

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