Container Flower Garden

Tips for Container Flower Garden – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

When you decide on planting a container garden, it is really important to first know what type of container you are going to use, there are so many options available. So it is really important, and there is also a big cost differential from, let’s say, terracotta, to fiberglass. So that is the first thing, you need to figure out your budget.

And then the second thing is, you need to know what finishes and what look you are trying to create. That is a very important aspect of this whole entire process. Thirdly, what you need to recognize is when you do a container garden, containers are like fish bowls. Whatever you put in them, they are fed from you, they are watered by you, and they are growing based on how you want them to grow. So it is very important that you recognize the fact that you would need an irrigation system, for instance, or you would need to hand water often.

Another thing to consider with container gardens is, do you use a saucer or not? I do not recommend any saucers on a container garden because I do not like water sitting at the bottom of the tray, for a lot of reasons. One reason is you could actually over water the plant by having too much water. Another reason is over-wintering. What you want is the water to flow through the pot, end up on the terrace floor or on the deck floor, and fall out of the pot so it does not freeze on the bottom of the pot.

Another thing to consider is raising the pots off the ground, or off the deck or off the terrace. So it is important that you put some risers under the pots so that water flows through the pot.

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