How to Install Landscape Fabric for a Flower Bed

The Vigoro Matrix Grid Landscape Fabric is perfect to keep weeds out of all your landscape, hardscape, garden, planting, live goods, pathway and soil erosion projects. The durable patented 3-layer technology utilizes a unique combination of a non-woven top layer, a matrix grid core center and a non-woven bottom layer delivers a landscape fabric that is at least 2x stronger than most fabrics.

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This unique technology allows for superior weed blocking along with air and water permeability that allows air and water to pass through the fabric to help maintain optimal soil conditions. The structural matrix grid core center design helps make measuring, cutting and fabric fastening into the soil easy and keeps the fabric in place and secure for any project. Whether a PRO or a DIY enthusiast, the Vigoro Matrix Grid Landscape Fabric is excellent for any large or small project to help save you time and money.

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