HOW to PLANT and GROW STRAWBERRIES, plus TIPS for growing

Introduction 00:00
Choose the right variety of strawberries 00:17
Best time to plant strawberries 01:04
Best location to plant strawberries 01:21
How to plant strawberries 01:35
Importance of mulch 02:05
How to water strawberries 02:30
How to fertilize strawberries 03:01
How to encourage more fruit production 03:28
How often to replace strawberry plants 04:29
How to manage pests and birds 04:46
When and how to harvest strawberries 06:09
Tips for growing strawberries in hot climates 06:47

In this video, I answer common questions about how to grow strawberries successfully, including how to plant and care for strawberries, watering, fertilizing, when to harvest strawberries, and questions about typical problems with strawberries such as soil pests and birds. I also address how to successfully grow strawberries in hot climates like the low desert of Arizona.

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