Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant) Care with Eileen

Although you might know them as Swiss cheese plants and split-leaf philodendrons, #Monstera deliciosa isn’t actually a philodendron. This week, Eileen walks through tips for caring for Monstera and how to help them thrive. Check out more indoor plant tips from Eileen:

For more detailed info on how to care for Monstera, visit our Monstera Care guide:

Find out how care for your Monstera deliciosa with the time stamps below:
0:20 Monstera Overview
1:03 Monstera Needs Below Ground
1:45 Watering a Monstera
1:57 Monstera Fertilization Tips
2:29 Repotting a Monstera
3:08 Monstera Light Requirements and Needs
3:40 Monstera Temperature and Humidity Needs
4:25 Cleaning Monstera Leaves
4:40 Pests & Monstera

Monstera deliciosa and Monstera adansonii have similar water, light and fertilization needs. Be sure to check your plant tag or ask Eileen any questions below for additional info on the differences between these two plants.

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Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant) Care with Eileen | The Home Depot

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