I am so excited about this garden! Ahhhh! I have tried to start a garden before and was unsuccessful :(. However, this time around I’m DETERMINED to grow my own food! I think that knowing how to grow our own food is an important skill to have. Now I am going to work on this until I have a big beautiful garden. I have started a container garden with two kale plants, cucumber, two tomato plants, and a lima bean my son sprouted at school. I will be sure to film follow-up videos so you know how things are coming along. Let me know in the comments below if you have a garden or want to start a garden!

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My name is Shakera – welcome to my channel! I create health, wellness, fitness, and beauty videos. Much like the 30-day squat challenge, I have a 500 squats a day challenge that is the epitome of who I am as a fitness instructor. I like to challenge myself and my people that I work with to push themselves. Start with 500 squats a day, or 50 – it’s your choice. I just want you to move and stay healthy! I also teach viewers about how to use apple cider vinegar to lose weight, as well as, how I use apple cider vinegar for wellness purposes in general. Because food is important, more important that your workouts I also have health recipes such as my honey sriracha tofu recipe. This spicy and healthy tofu recipe is a fan favorite!

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