PRO Tricks and Tips to Get More Chrysanthemum Flowers //

Shared PPO Tricks and Tips to Get More Chrysanthemum Flowers. Shared some Secret tricks to get maximum flowering on Chrysanthemum flowers. From this video, you will get knowledge about how to Prepare chrysanthemum for winter flowering. Also Its a video about Chrysanthemum Plant care.

Professional floriculturists prepare their chrysanthemum plants for maximum flowering before 6 months of the flowering season. Its a traditional culture people train their chrysanthemum plants for flower exhibition and in this video, I have shared all those Tricks and Care Tips that followed by Professional Floriculturists for the winter flower exhibition!

**Propagate Winter Flowering Plants

00:00 Introduction
01:39 How to Start
02:08 Update of Cuttings
02:23 Care Tips #1
03:11 Correct Repotting
03:50 Care Tip #2
04:00 Care Tip #3
04:17 Care Tip #4
04:33 Pro Trick #1
05:04 Pro Trick #2
05:12 Foliar Application
05:28 Soil Application
05:51 Conclusion

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Nishat Subah
B.Sc on Soil & Environmental Sciences

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