Top Tips for Beginner Gardeners W/ Indiana Backyard Gardener 7b,

Thank you for checking out my description, I put all kinds of information in here to share with you all! Today Indiana Backyard Gardener and I will be sharing our top tips and important information for beginner gardeners. We will be answering questions about everything from growing zones, soil, ferilizing, water accesibility and plant care. Stop by and join us! If you like these kinds of videos make sure you check out my Garden Harvest & Tour playlist and subscribe to see more!

Indiana Backyard Gardener

Garden Playlist

Time Stamps
00:00 General Introduction
00:45 Indiana Backyard Gardener brief introduction
01:30 Her Healthy Home brief intro
02:15 Best Apps or Websites for beginners to get started
3:45 Location (growing zone, sun exposure)
4:50 What is frost? Frost dates and frost frost hardiness
7:10 Water Accessibility
11:00 Soil
12:30 What is favorite brand of seeds, soils or fertilizers
13:15 Should I cover garlic with frost bags for the winter?
14:30 Sweet potato slips overwintering
15:50 Soaking seeds
17:00 Her Healthy Homes’s favorite seed company
19:21 Fertilizers
21:10 Local Seed swaps
21:50 Using fish as fertilizer
23:10 Her Healthy Home’s favorite soil and fertilizer
23:45 Feeding rabbits
24:45 Any smell issues associated with using fish in the garden?
25:30 What are the best plants to grow for beginners?
31:45 Space and Square foot gardening
36:15 Q: Anyone growing cool weather legumes?
39:45 Selecting Plants
40:45 Q: What is a good organic soil to start with
42:45 Elaborating on selecting plants
44:45 Feeding the soil and plants
57:15 Plants that shouldn’t be planted togetger
59:30 Trimming and Pruning

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I’m a wife and stay at home Christian mother, trying to build a lifestyle of self sufficiency on our quarter acre lot. We grow hundreds of pounds of produce, put up cases of canned goods, raise chickens and home-school our children. We are located in Zone 7B near Memphis, TN. Every week I upload a video on gardening, cooking or canning and prepping. If that interests you, subscribe to see more!

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