My first vegetable garden with easy to grow vegetables and seeds! I used kitchen scraps to grow a little fruit and vegetable container garden since I don’t have much space in New York City, let alone a yard to plant in, but luckily I can do some balcony gardening using planters during the summer in the city. Indoor garden with me as I show you how I germinate seeds (accidentally), how I root divide my plant into multiple pots, and how I fertilize my fruit and vegetable seedlings and plants! I am a produce garden beginner, but I managed to get sprouts on my butternut squash seeds and sweet potato tubers. These were super fast growing vegetables too.

I don’t think I can get a harvest but fingers crossed I do and I can start growing food at home. I am just excited I got new plants to grow my first time trying and basically without trying. Let me know if you have any indoor gardening tips or advice for me, I need it. I hope you all are proud of me!

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I highly recommend getting a moisture meter, especially if you’re a houseplant beginner. Here is the moisture meter I use!

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Don’t forget BLACK LIVES MATTER! Kat from Good & Planty made this awesome doc about how to support BLM, specifically within the plant community. Check it out and bookmark it because it will be continuously updated with new information! Feel free to share this with others in the plant community, and a big thank you to Kat for putting this together Please take a look:

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