How to Build Durable Raised Garden Beds (Planter Boxes)

Come learn how to build durable, long-lasting raised garden beds or planter boxes. This video will walk you through the best lumber choices, bed dimensions, a step-by-step demonstration to build a raised garden bed, plus tips on gopher-proofing the bed with hardware cloth. The planter boxes shown in this video are 4×8′ by 16.5″, made of heart redwood. Thank you so much for tuning in and following along!

Written version of this tutorial:

Drip irrigation for raised beds video, out now!

How to fill raised garden beds with soil:

How to Make Raised Beds Last Longer (with sealing info):


3″ Decking Screws:

Nontoxic wood sealer for garden beds:

12″ galvanized steel mending braces:

Sealing your garden beds isn’t necessary (especially if you use heart redwood or cedar, which are already very durable on their own, unsealed) but we did end up sealing the interior of the raised bed with a non-toxic, food-safe wood sealer (linked above) to make the bed last even longer. Applying a sealer BEFORE you build the garden beds is easiest, but we sealed the inside after assembly because I like the look of aged redwood and want the outside to age naturally. See this article to learn more, including about the silicone caulking I mentioned. 7 Ways to extend the life of wood raised beds:

Another great option for durable, long-lasting garden beds is to use quality, food-safe metal raised garden bed kits – like Birdies beds! Use code deannacat3 to save 5% off Birdies Beds here:

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