Hydroponic Lettuce For beginner AT Home

how to lettuce hydroponic at home :
today I’m showing you how to grow lettuce at home hydroponically
Growing lettuce ( lactuca sativa) hydroponically
it’s an amazing experience and learning process
Today I’m sharing with you my experience
And the mistakes that i made , so that you Don’t make the same mistake
I’m going to germinate them in plastic container
and paper towel
Place them About half inch apart from each other after over the container with clear plastic wrap ,keep them in shade place , not in direct sun light make sure that the paper towel always moist .Once the seedlings have a few leaves on them, you can put them in a small net pot, stabilize with clay pellets and put them in your system
I’m using plastic Pail as Reservoir Add A & B solution
2- Transfer the Seedlings to the system Here I made a mistake
I transferred the seedlings to the system very early
I should wait 3 to 4 weeks ,I recommend to use Rockwool Cube , much easier, I’m using My DIY hydroponic system and I bought this 24 H Plug Timer, i set it 15 min on and 15 min off you can check Operation Instructions
Quick look ! What’s going on inside {check the roots } after 0ne week in the system i see At this stage I noticed the seedlings growing more to length
then I made another mistake made Not enough lighting for the seedlings
So I changed the place where more sunlight after that didn’t wait so long to see a good result Fast growing leafy greens .
Lettuce is a favorite crop among hydroponic growers. And being one of the easiest crops to grow hydroponically, it is a great vegetable to start with as a beginner. And that’s what this website is geared towards!

Hydroponic lettuce is easy to maintain, it grows fast and doesn’t take up much space. Which makes it easy to be grown in a controlled environment.
Hydroponic lettuce is a leafy vegetable that is not supposed to go all the way to the flowering phase.

That being the case, its nutrient solutions are simple and they don’t need to change at any point over its growing season
my mistakes :
– transfer the seedlings early .
– I placed the system where not enough sunlight .
Hydroponics is a system of growing plants in water without soil.
Plants receive their necessary nutrients through the hydroponic fertilizer that’s added to water.
The plant roots are stabilized in clay pellets or perlite, coconut coir, or rice hulls instead of soil.

Lettuce is a cool-season plant, so it can grow outdoors in mild winter areas in an area that receives a full day of sun.

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