Late June Vegetable Garden Tour in Zone 7b

Late June Vegetable Garden Tour in Zone 7b

00:00 Energy Drink
00:26 Produce Crate Vegetable Gardening
01:13 Saving a Grape Vine From Poison
01:44 Lettuce to Seed
02:20 Poke Weed Problem & Removal
02:39 Growing Herbs In Containers
05:32 Drying Garlic
05:43 Three Sisters Gardening
07:35 Is Feather Celosia Invasive ?
07:53 Tomatoes From Suckers
08:26 Growing Bluerries in a Container
08:47 Growing Raspberry in a Container
09:04 Growing Watermelon with Strawberries
09:29 Growing Vegetables in a Small Space
11:31 Growing Cherokee Purple Tomatoes as a Bush
12:33 Growing Hot Peppers in Concrete Blocks
13:16 A New Berry Patch
14:17 Growing Sun Flowers with Tomatoes
15:28 Growing Blue Lake Pole Beans on a Trellis
15:49 Cucumber Lesson a Fail
16:18 When is it Too Hot for Vegetables ?
17:47 A Robin On Her Nest
18:15 Early Rose of Sharon Blooms
18:38 Growing Zuchinni in a Produce Crate
19:47 A View of the Vegetable Gardens
20:15 Growing Spearmint
20:39 Bulbing Flower Bed
21:18 Washington Hawthorne Tree for Non Migratory Birds
21:36 An Azalea Hedge
21:56 Dwarf Cherry Bushes and Sunshine
23:27 North View of the Front Gardens
24:42 Salutations

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Jules and Chef Beth grow herbs, vegetables and fruits in a modestly sized backyard and share gardening tips as well as recipes based on home grown produce. Jules, aka Jamie, is a PhD Economist and applies his cost/benefit analysis and maximum output perspectives when appropriate. We garden in USDA Hardiness Zone 7 b.

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